Roo Hsing & NTX® Collaborate to Revolutionize Denim

Roo Hsing & NTX® Collaborate to Revolutionize Denim 560 420 NTX

Roo Hsing and NTX leading the revolution in the future of denim

Historically the Denim Industry has faced three core challenges- long lead times, environmental issues, and high production cost. Roo Hsing has long been working towards a solution to these core challenges, in their continued efforts to provide consumers a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to enjoy the purchase of the jeans that they love to live in. As a means to overcome these core, traditional denim, production, obstacles, Roo Hsing, in collaboration with NTX, is looking to revolutionize denim production utilizing “NTX Cooltrans®” technology.

Roo Hsing will greatly shorten the overall production cycle with NTX Cooltrans®, which eliminates the need for extensive washing, chemical dyeing and printing processes; which not only increases the yield rate of production line by 98%, but also drastically reduces water consumption by 93%. Roo Hsing is expecting to cut production time from ~140 days down to only 60 days, effectively potentially reducing lead times 80 days ahead of schedule. Amid this pandemic, this novel technology will enable Roo Hsing to help customers reduce costs of inventory and yield loss, increase uncompromising consistency, quality, and sustainability.

Collaboration between Roo Hsing and NTX, opens new opportunities

NTX Cooltrans® is a novel and revolutionary waterless textile coloration solution. Through a decade of fundamental research and innovation of machine engineering and dye chemistry, NTX Cooltrans® precisely and accurately colorizes nearly any fabric material without the need for heat, with up to 90% less water, and is uncompromising to both the hand feel and functional performance. Based on this, NTX was selected by Fashion for Good to participate in the 7th batch of start-ups which has helped to accelerate them to further develop NTX Cooltrans®. Collaboration between Roo Hsing and NTX combined the experience and expertise of Roo Hsing and the advanced technology of NTX Cooltrans® to create the revolutionary denim that is both ecologically and economically conscientious. Opening up unlimited opportunities for brand houses and consumers.

About Roo Hsing

Since Roo Hsing was established in 1977, the operation sites extended from Taiwan, Cambodia, and Central America to Tanzania, Myanmar, and China. The products are mainly exported to international garment brand manufacturers. Roo Hsing has faced high competition and challenges within the textile industry, it has adhered to the concept of excellence in operation, by gradually expanding its scale, continuously introducing new technologies and new equipment, and making great strides forward to create more possibilities for the future. Continued steady growth and breakthrough vision are key to the sustainability of Roo Hsing. Using a high degree of integration of information and technology, we expect that the future will be booming. In response to rapidly changing needs, we seek to become the most innovative and fashionable industry provider with the best host of integration services.

About NTX  

Established in 2000, NTX specializes in textile digital transfer printing and dyeing technology, and has more than 70 domestic and global inventions and application patents. NTX was selected by Fashion for Good to participate in the 7th batch of start-ups which has helped to accelerate them to further develop NTX Cooltrans®. Through collaboration with textile manufacturers and brand houses, NTX empowers the textile industry towards high-end, intelligent, and eco-friendly products.