Work Life Balance at NTX

Work Life Balance at NTX

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The Covid epidemic of 2020 was a great eye opener for many companies and organizations with regards to the importance of the office as a place of work. All of a sudden, we were all forced to work remotely, bosses were required to trust a bit more. For us at NTX, what we learned was just a confirmation of what we already believed and what was already “unofficially” in place. We believe in the idea of giving employees the freedom to make critical decisions about how, when and where to get their tasks accomplished and this helps rather than hurts productivity, in other words we put honor back into the honor system. This includes making decisions about when it’s time to take a break and when it’s time to prioritize life-activities over work-activities even if those activities are taking place during “office hours”.

“If we are not having fun we’re doing something wrong”

– Jeff, CIMO
image of a wooden toy representing balance between work and life

If we were to ask you which employee will perform better: Tired vs Fresh, or Stressed vs Relaxed. We know what the answer will be 100% of the time. Yet still some organizations continue to insist on letting the clock be another superficial boss that adds stress and fatigue to an already high paced and demanding work environment. We’ve all done it, staring at our “second boss”, aka the clock, until it’s time for lunch, or until it hits 5. It’s unproductive, and it’s just another stress level that’s on top of what we already have in life.

“Overtime doesn’t feel like overtime if you have enough time and freedom to take care of the family stuff first”

– Jervel, Sr. Sourcing Manager

At NTX, we are “clearly defined vision-oriented” rather than “put in the time-oriented”, or “check off these KPIs-oriented”. Everyone is assessed on the progress towards achieving that vision. Arguably, many companies state goals clearly, but then get back into KPI-based assessment. KPI systems assume everything is figured out and are effective at maintaining the status quo. At NTX on the other hand, we use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) where we admit we do not have it all figured out, but the vision and objectives are very clear. This gives us the freedom to move beyond the status quo and grow.

We are also “you must have fun” while working oriented, rather than you get to have fun after you get home. Is there ever overtime? Yes, but working late is acceptable when you know you’re part of a mission and your team has given you enough freedom to make sure your life and personal priorities can be taken care of.

“Unlike working at my last 9 to 5 at a big corporate company, I now have the freedom to let my interest and my passion guide my career”

– Joyce, Sr. Innovation & Marketing Manager

One consistent theme at an emerging organization is that there are never enough hands on deck to get everything that needs to be completed, done. This is a curse and a blessing as it opens up the door to learn and grow as a person. At NTX, you have opportunities, if you choose to take them, to branch out of your comfort zone and your field of expertise. This not only gives you a more complete appreciation of how the business works, but also presents you with opportunities to transition fields if you so desire.

So does working at NTX really have a great work-life balance? Most of our team say yes, but perhaps it is more about just treating everyone with respect, defining clear goals, providing ample support, and trusting people to do the best they can.