What we stand for

Mission Statement
Creating revolutionary textile solutions through continuous research and innovation that are ecologically and economically sustainable.
We are committed caretakers for Mother Earth.
We are committed to a zero-waste benchmark to conserve energy use, reduce and eliminate water use, with zero compromise to performance nor functionality. Our automated and modularizable system solutions allow for local-to-local production, further shortening lead times and cutting down on transportation emissions. Cost is often the unmentionable C word for sustainability, NTX® believes that sustainability and economics must go hand-in-hand to materialize clean eco-conscious solutions into reality.

Basic Research to Commercial Production
In-house basic research of chemistry, physics, material science, chemical & mechanical engineering are the very heart of how we create revolutionary innovation.

We’re all in this Together, Families are Important to Us
COVID-19 is perhaps the greatest industry disrupter in a century. NTX® has thus accelerated our pipeline innovation to provide revolutionary NTX® e-Nanofiber filtration for facemasks to not only protect our colleagues and families, but also uncompromisingly accelerated to commercialization to offer to the world of quality assurance medical grade protection by NTX® Super N95.

Our New Normal
Catastrophes will leave us with lasting changes, affecting all aspects of our lives, therefore we have taken extraordinary steps to protect the health and safety of our staff and you at all times. We have implemented facemask and PPE to our operations staff, as well as work-from-anywhere virtual office for our non-production staff.

Our Passion for Customer Service
At the end of the day, it’s all about the human element. Our goal is to have you as our lifetime customer by offering not only the most cutting-edge sustainable technology with the best quality, but also a positive and passionate attitude to our customer service. We work hard to develop the skills, seek out knowledge, establish the confidence to engage you in a more personal and meaningful way.

Executive Team

Kalvin Chung

Co-Founder, Chairman & Managing Director (NTSH & NTSG)

Sandra Chou

Co-Founder & Managing Director (NTSH)

David Yeh

Managing Director (NTSG)

Ryosuke Chono

Director & Consultant of Business Operations

Grace Shen

Chief Financial Officer (NTSG & NTSH)

Jeffrey Hsu

Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer (NTSG)

Peter Decorte

Chief Operation Officer (NTSG)

Fukuyama Takanobu

Managing Director (NTJP)

Sam Xu

Chief Operation Officer (NTSH)

Allen Lai

General Manager, Strategic Development Center (NTSH)

Pei Zhu

Equipment R&D Supply Center Manager (NTSH)