Low Carbon Textile Coloration Technology at ISPO 2022

Low Carbon Textile Coloration Technology at ISPO 2022

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ISPO 2022 marked a return to in-person events for us at NTX. It was very exciting to meet and reconnect with so many professionals from across the industry. It was also a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with some of the latest innovations emerging for the performance segment. One key thing that stood out to us was the focus on sustainability. It was prevalent throughout the summit. And since sustainability and innovation is what we are all about – it was the perfect event to participate in and a perfect event to talk about NTX® Cooltrans®.

How NTX® Cooltrans® Helps with Sustainability in the Performance and Outdoor Apparel Segment

The outdoor segment has for many years been a pioneer in sustainability with representative brands like Patagonia. These innovative brands are the superstars that get a great deal of the spotlight, but in order to understand how sustainable practices become reality, you have to look at the entire value chain and especially at the production processes. This is where NTX® Cooltrans® can truly make an impact both with regards to sustainability and durability.

While the promise of environmentally friendly textile coloration practices has been around for quite a few years, it has largely been a project that failed when it came to putting it into full commercialization. NTX® Cooltrans® has been a trailblazer in this respect with proven real life commercialization of the technology by supplying low carbon processed materials to large global brands.

We were happy to meet so many potential brand partners that were authentically interested in reducing the environmental impact across their value chain. It was great to be able to offer ready to implement low carbon textile coloration solutions that have been third party tested for their lessened impact to the ecosystem.

Sustainability Alone Is Not Enough – NTX® Cooltrans® and Durability

Outdoor and performance fashion brands create products that must endure in some of the toughest conditions. Whether it’s a jersey that will be sweated through game after game, stretched and pulled by opponents trying to get an edge, or a delicate undergarment with specific breathability features, the fabric that it is made out of must last and retain its superior qualities wash after wash. Helping fabrics retain their durability, color fastness, and feel is another aspect of NTX® Cooltrans® coloration technology.

The key to achieving these qualities comes from our unique approach to coloration, where unlike traditional techniques that require high temperatures alongside stretching and stressing of the substrate to achieve coloration, we utilize low energy (no heat), and highly precise dosing of dye into the substrate. This ensures that the fabric’s underlying structural integrity is maintained after the coloration process. The end result for consumers are products that last longer, retain color better, and continue to feel great for years to come.

Beyond ISPO 2022

We’re excited about the industry’s return to post-Covid mode of operations. We look forward to future events, meeting with potential partners, and accelerating the industry towards a more sustainable future.