Scaling Up Sustainable Denim Production: Stella Blu Joins NTX® Ecosystem

Scaling Up Sustainable Denim Production: Stella Blu Joins NTX® Ecosystem

Scaling Up Sustainable Denim Production: Stella Blu Joins NTX® Ecosystem 560 420 NTX

Two Industry Leaders Join Forces to Accelerate Sustainable Textile Processing, Announce New Manufacturing Facilities and Transform the Future of Denim Manufacturing

June 8, 2023, Milan, Italy – NTX®, a sustainable textile coloration company, and Stella Blu, a division of Prosperity Textiles and a leading denim fabric manufacturer committed to sustainability, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at ushering the textile industry towards a more sustainable future. This partnership will extend to the establishment of a new manufacturing facility in China, utilizing NTX®’s latest Cooltrans technology with panel printing. Further facilities are planned in Vietnam, positioning this venture for an international impact.

Stella Blu has joined the NTX® Ecosystem, a collaborative network of eco-conscious, sustainable textile processing businesses, to work synergistically in diminishing the industry’s environmental footprint – with particular focus on the production of jeans and denim.

“Both NTX® and Stella Blu stand as vital links in the textile industry’s supply chain, with shared commitments to sustainability and innovation to decrease our environmental impact,” commented Kalvin Chung, Chairman of NTX®. “It’s our pleasure to welcome Stella Blu into the NTX® Ecosystem, and we look forward to collaboratively propelling our shared eco-friendly

“This partnership brings together the extensive expertise of Prosperity Textiles in the denim market with NTX®’s groundbreaking NTX® Cooltrans® technology, marking an exciting milestone in sustainable textile production,” says Marco Stefanelli, Marketing Director of Stella Blu.

The mutual dedication to sustainability shared by Stella Blue and NTX® is highlighted by the focus on sustainable denim processing and low-carbon textile coloration respectively. NTX’s revolutionary technology, such as NTX® Cooltrans®, has been pivotal in modernizing the textile coloration process, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Their new partnership aims to take this a step further, leveraging panel printing technology to enable Eco-Denim creation.

The world’s biggest apparel brands are eager for a tangible breakthrough in sustainable jeans. Both NTX® and Stella Blu are integral parts of the supply chain for these global giants, and their partnership marks a considerable leap forward towards delivering an improved end product to
this customer base.

While denim, one of the primary contributors to the carbon footprint and water consumption, is the main focus of this partnership announcement, the potential extends well beyond just jeans. Jointly, NTX® and Stella Blu can apply their expertise in sustainable denim production to other cotton twill-like fabrics, further propelling the apparel industry’s sustainability efforts.

This partnership between NTX® and Stella Blu signifies a major advancement in promoting sustainability within the textile industry. By synergizing their respective expertise and resources, they will collaboratively hasten the adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable practices, mitigating the industry’s environmental impact and crafting a more sustainable future for all.

About NTX®
NTX®, with over two decades of dedication to sustainability, provides cutting-edge textile solutions that enhance lives globally. Leveraging state-of-the-art engineering and chemistry, our team of experts continually innovates, setting new standards for sustainability, efficiency, and performance in the textile industry. Our mission is to drive the adoption of eco-friendly textile solutions, thereby inspiring a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world.

NTX® Cooltrans® is a novel and revolutionary waterless textile coloration technology. It can precisely color almost any textile material without the need for heat, and up to a 90% reduction in water usage, without compromising the fabric’s engineered feel or functional performance.

About Stella Blu
Founded in 2018, Stella Blu is a product-division of Prosperity Textile that specializes in the creation of indigo yarn dyed fabrics that feature beautiful visual aesthetics for Shirts, Outerwear, and Athleisure wear. All our fabrics are designed in our R&D Centre in Padova, Italy.