NTX’s Groundbreaking Presence at ITMA 2023: A Beacon of True Innovation Amidst a Sea of Greenwashing

NTX’s Groundbreaking Presence at ITMA 2023: A Beacon of True Innovation Amidst a Sea of Greenwashing

NTX’s Groundbreaking Presence at ITMA 2023: A Beacon of True Innovation Amidst a Sea of Greenwashing 1440 810 NTX

NTX’s Groundbreaking Presence at ITMA 2023: A Beacon of True Innovation Amidst a Sea of Greenwashing

ITMA 2023, the world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition, was a whirlwind of seven days packed with the who’s who of the textile business. From manufacturers to brand houses, everyone was on the hunt for the latest tech and innovation. As part of this vibrant ecosystem, NTX was eager to showcase our groundbreaking solutions and learn from the industry’s best.

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Our Observations from ITMA 2023

Walking through the exhibition halls, we couldn’t help but notice a trend that was a bit disconcerting. Amidst the buzz and excitement, there was a surprising lack of new innovation. Many exhibitors seemed to be repackaging tech from 4 or 8 years ago with superficial updates. The term ‘greenwashing’ came to mind as we observed unsubstantiated claims and clever marketing schemes. It was clear that the industry needed genuine, transformative solutions.

NTX’s Unique Position at ITMA 2023

Our booth at ITMA was a hub of activity and innovation. We were grouped with other Mills Fabrica supported companies, each of us independent and operating in slightly different categories. This setup worked like a charm. Our neighbors, Colorifix and Circ, attracted visitors with their innovative technologies, and many of these visitors found their way to our booth. The result was a synergy that amplified our reach and engagement.

NTX Interaction with Key Players in Textile and Apparel 

Our booth attracted some of the industry’s biggest players. Representatives from one of the world’s largest sports apparel brands, a major lifestyle brand conglomerate, and several leading global fashion retailers all stopped by, often with their supply chains in tow. The sports apparel brand, in particular, visited us more than five times with different groups. Their interest in our technology was palpable, and we had several in-depth sessions discussing potential collaborations.

One memorable moment was when a representative from a leading global company visited our booth. After a thorough demonstration of our technology, he immediately got on the phone with his headquarters. His body language said it all – they were in awe of our technology.

NTX’s Eco-Denim: A Game Changer

Our new offering, Eco-Denim, was the star of our booth. Visitors were amazed by the quality and sustainability of our product. One visitor was so skeptical that we had to cut one of the garments to prove that it was not dyed. When he finally believed us, he immediately called his HQ, overwhelmed by the potential of our technology. I think we overheard something like “We are so screwed!!!”.

A Closer Look at the Competition

While we were making waves with our genuine innovation, other companies seemed to be using the expo more for marketing than for showcasing new technologies. Some companies announced agreements with customers they had already signed earlier. Beyond the logo and copywriting, their tech was the same as before.

In the realm of textile coloration, only a few companies offered interesting solutions. However, when representatives from one of these companies visited our booth, they had the same “we’re so behind” reaction. They realized that they couldn’t achieve the same hand feel with their technology at scale.


Our experience at ITMA 2023 was both enlightening and affirming. We were able to showcase our innovative solutions, engage with industry leaders, and confirm that our commitment to genuine innovation and sustainability sets us apart. As we look to the future, we’re more committed than ever to transforming the world of textiles with our revolutionary technology.